Driver’s License/State ID

All documents you bring to Registry of Motor Vehicles need to be originals or copies certified by the issuing agency.

Paperwork needed:

  1. Proof of legal name change — A court order showing your legal name change.
  2. Your Social Security Card with your new legal name.
  3. Cash for the RMV fee. Check RMV site here for updated fees.
  4. Change of Information on a License/ ID Card Application (can be found here).

Although changing your name on driver’s license is standard procedure for RMV employees, there have been some incidents when a clerk has tried to deny a name change (often through ignorance rather than malice). As long as you have all the necessary legal paperwork, the employee is forbidden from denying your name change. The RMV does not have the authority to ignore a Court Order.

If the clerk denies your name change, ask to speak with a supervisor. Record the name of the clerk, date, time, and reason you were given for the denial. Record the name, date, time, and outcome of speaking with the supervisor. If the supervisor refuses to change your name, ask to speak with the RMV branch manager, and again record name, date, time and outcome. Contact MTPC for further information or assistance at 617-778-0519.