Changing Name on DD214 Military Discharge Record

Congress has authorized the correction of records when it is considered necessary either to rectify an error or to remove an injustice [10 U.S.C. § 1552 (a)(1)]. The form DD214 does not list gender but it does list your name. While for most non-transgender people a service record showing a former name does not communicate any sensitive information, for transgender people disclosure of the former name can be equivalent to disclosure of transgender status. This can be considered an injustice, and will be the strongest basis for your request to update your name on the DD214.

Each department of the military has their own Board for Corrections of Military Records that evaluates corrections of military records, and each Board has its own discretion to decide cases. The websites for each Board and the address to submit your application for correction can be found in the appendix of this document.

Documents Needed:

The DD149 form gives you the opportunity to make a case for why having a prior name on your military record is an injustice for you. You should personalize your responses on the DD149 form according to your situation. See the NCTE Website or Appendix for example responses to some of the questions (which are only the recommendation of NCTE, not official policy).

It is recommend including at least one, and as many as you have available, of the following:

  • A U.S. Passport showing your updated name and gender
  • A state driver’s license or identification card showing your updated name and gender
  • A court order recognizing your gender transition
  • A signed statement, on office letterhead, from a licensed physician, verifying that you have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition