Name & Gender Marker Change Guide

This website was created to assist trans and gender nonconforming people to change their name and gender marker on official documents, including (but not limited to): driver’s licenses/state IDs, passports, and Social Security cards. This website takes you through the steps of these processes, and includes links to forms and other resources that must be provided in order to obtain these changes.

Change Your Legal Name

First, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has compiled instructions on how to obtain a legal name change court order followed by informative steps on how to change your name on a Social Security Card, Massachusetts Driver’s License/State ID, and Passport.

Change Your Gender Marker

Second, MTPC provides instructions on how to change your gender marker on a Massachusetts Driver’s License/State ID, in the Social Security database, on a passport, and finally your birth certificate (both name and gender marker).

Change Your Immigration Documents

This guide will help you update your Employment Authorization card, Permanent Resident Card, and Naturalization Certificate. The NCTE and MTPC always recommends you consult with an immigration attorney to receive advice specific to your immigration situation.

Change Your Military Records

Former military service members may find it necessary to update discharge records and the DEERS database in order to receive benefits.